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Giving Something to Others

Close Knits Charity Group
Please note NEW meeting location beginning in January 2015

      The Close Knits charity group meets the last Thursday of every month (except November and December) at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on the 3rd floor Gathering Room of the Education Building from 10 a.m. to noon. Parking in the rear next to the Community Food Closet; elevator access available.

      Members make 6 x 9 inch rectangles that are then joined into finished afghans to be donated to the McGuire Military Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

      The group uses acrylic worsted weight yarn and anyone who wants to help with this project should cut out a piece of cardboard to the 6 x 9 inch size so that they can compare this template to the piece being knitted or crocheted. To make the knitted rectangles easier to join together, the group requests that every row of the rectangle be started by slipping the first stitch as if to knit and purling the last stitch of the row.  If you crochet the pieces there are no special border requirements other than a straight edge easy to join.

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More information to be posted soon.

     Roscoe and Mosby have asked our friends to support the Snuggles Project and we also like the Warm Up America Foundation.  Please support these groups or a favorite charity of your own. 

Roscoe and Mosby love charity knitters and crocheters and they send their thanks to all of you.  We adopted Roscoe from a shelter so he knows what it's like to sleep on a cold floor while waiting for a new home. He's happy we're recommending the Snuggles project.